Become “The” Expert

Are you excited for the future of interactive entertainment? Are you a thrill-seeker who needs more than just a quick jaunt to satisfy your appetite for adventure? Is there a game or two that you know you want to share with friends? Look no further!

For just $60, you can get over 4 hours of VR playtime with the HEROES Explorer’s Club every single month! Each Wednesday at 7:00PM, you and the rest of the Explorer’s Club meet on one day to play a long-form experience for 45 minutes and then shake it out and have some fun with a short palate cleanser game for 20 minutes. From month to month, we will present you and your fellow explorer’s with new games and experiences which YOU get to choose for the next month’s play! (Final discretion is given to staff to ensure your play experience is top notch.) Games like, Arizona Sunshine Campaign Mode, Budget Cuts, Trickster VR, and more are all perfect candidates for delving into with the Explorer’s Club.

Can’t make it to the regularly scheduled play time? That’s okay too! We always make sure to give Explorers a chance to make up the time they missed - Sundays at 12:00PM.

Still looking for more? Great! For signing up with the Explorer’s Club, you also receive a punch card with 5 uses of a reduced-price rental rate of only $35. Hurry in, because those five uses will expire at the end of the month!

If the Explorer’s Club doesn’t seem to fit your tastes, click here to check out our competitive Leagues!


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