Greatness Awaits

Are you excited by Esports, video games, virtual reality, or all of the above? Know a thrill-seeker who needs an outlet to scratch their competitive itch? Then come participate in HEROES Virtual Reality League Play!

For just $60, you can enter into one of our competitive leagues, giving you hours of VR playtime with like minded competitors over the course of several weeks! The length and structure of each HEROES League is dependent on the type of game and number of participants. For example, the archery game Elven Assassin runs like so:

  • With 4 people to a team competing every week for 6 weeks to get the highest cumulative team score.

  • We record the best of two attempts each week, giving you two chances to show off your skills!

  • Limited League play slots for only 8 teams.

  • We help match you with other players and form teams.

Still looking for more? Great! For signing up, you also receive a punch card with 5 uses of a reduced-price rental rate of only $35. Hurry in, because those five uses will expire at the end of the League you registered for!

If a League doesn’t seem to fit your tastes, click here to check out our Explorer’s Club!


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