what we offer

Our standard rental rate at HEROES Virtual Reality Adventures starts at $1 per every minute you are exploring Virtual Reality (VR) in the HTC VIVE headset, with promotional discounts at rentals of 30 minutes or more. Typically, a longer lasting session gives you the opportunity to properly enjoy one to two experiences or games. Initial immersion in some VR experiences can take up 5 to 7 minutes, depending on the participant - severely cutting down the enjoyment of shorter rentals. For further information about event or party bookings, click here.


30 minute rental

Rent a bay for a half hour of action-packed excitement and adventure!


$25 Monday-Sunday


60 minute rental

Rent a bay for a full hour to truly explore our library of quests and experiences!

$42 / $45

$42 Monday-Thursday / $45 Friday-Sunday


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Ride an elevator and experience the thrill of an eighty-story plank walk!


Join in the fun and play one of our games that supports additional players!


Bring even more of yourself into the game by tracking your feet/legs/anything!