Virtual Reality Summer Camp

Do you know kids who would enjoy exploring space? How about jumping inside a human cell, discovering the Titanic, or painting with lightning in 3D? HEROES is proud to introduce our new virtual reality summer camp where they can do all that and more! This week-long camp is a mix of VR experiences and real-world learning in a small group format, guaranteed to be loads of fun!

Children today are growing up a world vastly different than even five years ago and we are excited to help them develop the tools and skill sets they need. The rapid pace of technological development makes the need for technical literacy a must. Don’t worry, we’re happy to help you equip your child with more than they need to thrive.


Fun for All Ages

Starting July 22, 2019, HEROES will be opening its doors to children ages 8-12+ and offering them a fun and educational VR camp-based curriculum crafted by educational professionals across North America. The program will run Monday to Friday starting at 8:00AM and ending at 5:00PM each day with all sorts of fun and engaging activities!

The summer camp will include virtual reality experiences that teach topics such as history, biology, science, astronomy, STEM, and VR moviemaking. The program is designed with balance in mind to ensure the attendees get an optimal mix between VR fun and games while still learning something new every step of the way.

Through collaboration with our partners, HEROES is proud to stand at the leading edge of VR Education. With Virtual Reality becoming more prevalent, many colleges and universities have been using VR for their own purposes and are now releasing VR courses to the public. A Japanese study by Saga University recently found that retention increased 61% when learning took place in a VR environment.

Engage and Create Together

The greatest part of VR is collaborating and growing as you engage with more and more complex play spaces. Alongside tools such as worksheets and quizzes, we also give our campers points to help them see how well they’re doing over the course of our summer camp. Knowledgeable and ready to help, the VR Guides at HEROES are a resource to help your child succeed.


Monday - Space and History

The start of the week is all about getting to know each other - and VR. An orientation will be followed by ice breakers before campers are given the opportunity to watch videos about black holes, cosmic radiation, our solar system and more. Afterwards, each camper will get to enjoy an immersive VR experience about the Apollo lander and become a virtual astronaut!


Tuesday - Atoms and Cells

After getting a chance to work together as teams in VR games, campers will dig in to tiny microscopic, and eventually atomic, worlds. Building molecules and taking a journey through cells in VR will be the focus of this part of VR Summer Camp.


Wednesday - STEM

Science,Technology, Engineering, and Math are the cornerstones of everything that makes our world so technologically advanced, including the headsets our campers will be wearing to engage in VR Summer Camp. Starting with biology and the human body, campers will then explore the ways that light works by tinkering with virtual lasers and then move on to chemistry labs in VR.

Thursday - VR Movie Making

Enthralling and immersive narratives make today’s media so much more than ever before and campers will spend Thursday learning how to create works that rival the wonderful stories they grow up with. Identifying what stories they want to create will occupy a portion of Thursday, but then campers will dig deep into making their dreams a reality using their own bodies to film scenes in VR!


Friday - Art and Wrap Up

No week is complete without a little bit of wild creativity! On Friday, campers will have the chance to look back on all the amazing things they’ve spent the week doing as well as put an artistic spin on their hindsight. Art tools in VR are mind-bendingly amazing and by the end of the week everyone will have made their own masterpieces to remember forever.


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