Virtual reality (VR) is a fully immersive, whole-body experience with you and your friends (family too!) inside the action. When you put on the headset and a controller on either hand, you are transported to a totally virtual world. Our open-plan facility allows you to use VR as an exciting way to interact with entire worlds built out of imagination! Modern VR has been a dream of thrill-seekers, kids, and enthusiasts alike for decades. Finally, it's here with the HTC VIVE!

At HEROES we use what is called Room-Scale virtual reality where the player has a dedicated play area they can freely move around in the real world that has a direct 1:1 translation to their virtual space. This allows you to freely punch, swing a sword, dodge an arrow, or walk with all sorts of creatures in the virtual world.



The headsets offered at HEROES are the HTC VIVE and the VIVE Pro. The difference between the two headset models is similar to the technological jump from 1080p TV to 4K. The headset itself is made up of several key parts: the main visor with screens/lenses in front of your eyes, the adjustable headphones (with deluxe audio) which click up and down onto your ears, the top strap which controls how low/high the main visor is on your face, and the tightness adjustment dial on the back of the headset. When you come in to HEROES Virtual Reality Adventures, one of our friendly staff will introduce you to all the important parts of the HTC VIVE.

VIVE Controllers

VIVE Controllers




The Launcher is the VR environment that allows you to browse, find, and start VR titles. The Launcher is started automatically whenever you are actively in the headset before choosing a game and when you stop playing a game.

Instead of the traditional “arcade” experience where the player has to change systems to change games, you can freely swap between any of our 30+ experiences without requiring any outside assistance.

Virtual Reality

The primary aspect of virtual reality is simulating visual elements in a manner that allows you to perceive it with real depth perception in three-dimensional space. Every HTC VIVE puts up two screens in front of the user’s eyes in order to provide a realistic viewport that your brain will configure into a three-dimensional image. The visuals in the headset are rendered on a connected PC and passed to the headset. To create a truly immersive virtual reality there are certain prerequisites - a frame rate minimum of 60 frames per second, an equivalent refresh rate, and minimum 100-degree field of view (FOV).

Response time must be less than about 20 milliseconds to trick the brain into achieving what is called “Presence”. Modern technology and recent innovations in the technologies used by VR all help to vastly reduce incidences of nausea, disorientation, and dizziness while delivering the all important feeling of being present in an entirely separate world. Altogether, the HTC VIVE is practically guaranteed to give every user the “WOW!” moment that you’ve been waiting all your life for.